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You went into business because you were good at something; you are passionate about it and wanted a certain lifestyle. It is safe to say you did not go into business because you wanted to do bookkeeping!

Being a small business owner you will be used to wearing different hats.

Now it’s Sunday night and here you are putting on your bookkeeping hat and now you are bashing away at the keyboard trying to get your book work up to date. You are not enjoying this and there are plenty of other fun things you could be doing and this is not the lifestyle you imagined.

Wouldn’t you rather be spending this time with the family watching some quality television? Of course you would, but you have put this off all week because you didn’t have time and now the weekend has come to an end you will be up half the night entering and reconciling your transactions and your BAS is already late, again!

It is time to step back and think maybe it is time to hire a bookkeeper and you wonder what will happen when you take the plunge.

Saves you time

Let’s face it, we all need more time. The time you are spending on your books is time you should be spending on your business or with your family. A bookkeeper will complete tasks far more efficiently than you could ever dream of. You specialise in your field, so does the bookkeeper!

Keeps you out of trouble

Your bookkeeper will know your business and knows when lodgements and payments are due. They will stay on top of this and take this stress away.

Your bookkeeper will make sure you are claiming GST where you should and not claiming it when you shouldn’t!

Saves you money

When you have completed your own bookkeeping and made mistakes these will be picked up and corrected by your Accountant, at the rate of an Accountant not the rate you would have paid your bookkeeper to do it right the first time.


The sooner you stop wearing this hat, the better. Don’t be afraid to delegate this to someone else because once you do you will have more time to focus on the core of the business — and that’s the next step toward the kind of growth you’ve always dreamed of.

If the hat doesn’t fit (or match your shoes) don’t wear it!

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